Inquiro by Dexstr

DEXSTR has developed Inquiro, an Insight Engine devoted to Life Sciences. Thanks to all its functionalities collect, enrichment, exploitation and information sharing Inquiro is an essential software, able to extract relevant, useful and exploitable information from your own data.

Lack of data management has a significant impact on   productivity and profitability  of a company

(Association Information et Management)


refers to the average time lost collecting and looking for information for each employee

(McKinsey & Co)

13 000€


is the cost of time wasted in looking for information

(McKinsey & Co)


of additional digital files have been generated each year by companies

(Association Information et Management)

Our value proposition

Our role is to help companies unlock their full potential by providing innovative Insight Engine Solution and Data Strategy Consulting advices.


Accelerates R&D Process:

  • Holistic view of your data
  • R&D data available at your finger print
  • Share your insights inside & outside the company


DEXSTR expert team who works with Life Science industry:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry
  • Agri-food


Expertise and Software dedicated to Life Science:

  • Standard public ontologies usage
  • Fast deployment
  • Experts in Biology and Informatic
  • Software chemically Aware


  • Semantic
  • Big data
  • Scalable architecture
  • AI
  • Machine Learning

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Customers Testimonials

What they said about Inquiro?

Researches are very fast and et very efficient. Now, we are able to find one information in 10 minutes against about 4 hours before Inquiro.

Users are impressed!

Head of Scientific and Regulatory Documentation

Pharmaceutical Industry

We noticed an impressive time saving for the identification of our data thanks to automatic annotation motor.

Our customer reduced by 60% the time needed to search data thanks to Inquiro.

Business Relation Manager at Information Technology Department

Biotechnology company

Our Happy Customers

They trust us!