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5 reasons to use a scientific search engine

A scientific search engine is a document retrieval system designed to facilitate access to information stored on an informatic system (files, database, LIMS, ELN….), on the web, within a corporate or proprietary network, or in a personal computer.


Data is the new oil of the industry! As with oil, you have to find the data where it is. This is the first use of a scientific search engine: to give access to the existing data, wherever it is.


The data is there, but you still need to have access to it. The empirical method, which is still widely used, consisting of searching on the Internet, in the company’s shared directories (if allowed), in dedicated systems (ELN, LIMS, ….) and with inappropriate tools has its limits.

The enterprise scientific search engine optimizes the times used for information search activities, by federating information and offering a single access portal to all connected data sources.


Corporate research is no longer the business of an isolated team. For a long time now, it has been the business of teams scattered in many different places, working on different technologies and domains, but always with the same business objective! It is therefore essential to pool knowledge and consolidate scientific advances on a single, dedicated research platform.


What if you made visible what is hidden behind your data? Yes, we expect to find water by digging a well! But finding a few nuggets as a bonus is better!

A search engine, searches and finds! An intelligent scientific search engine searches, finds and above all brings to light the hidden side of your data. To do this, it analyzes the content of your data semantically, enriches it with specific ontologies and exposes enriched data to the user.


Knowledge is an intangible asset of the company with high added value. How can it be transferred and shared within the company? How to reuse it efficiently? How to assess its relevance? How to contextualize it? This is where the Insight Engine comes into its own. It facilitates awareness and optimizes knowledge transfer and sharing. The company’s memory cannot be erased with time or with individuals!

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