ELRIG conference Lyon

6th Elrigfr conference 2016 | Lyon, FRANCE

The 6th ELRIGfr Conference (European Laboratory Robotics Interest Group) was taking place the 29-30 November at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon.

Open to the public, this two-day conference features exhibits as well as presentations on specific topics and workshops intended primarily for the pharmaceutical sector, with a focus on laboratory automation and related technologies.

This year, the conference focused on three main themes:

 Cell culture: automating and managing production,

– Analysis and management of laboratory data,

– Laboratory automation and developing innovative processes.

The members of ELRIG shared their experiences on these topics, but this was also an opportunity for members and conference attendees to meet suppliers and discover their solutions for addressing these challenges.

On this occasion, we introduced Inquiro, our software solution, which facilitates data management and plays a key role in laboratory automation. Learn more about Inquiro’s features!

Amphithéâtre Charles Mérieux- ENS de Lyon

46 allée d’Italie,

69007 Lyon

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