Retrieve and Visualize easily Scientific Data from multiple sources

Company’s Challenge 

An international agri food company specialized in infant nutrition is looking for a solution to overcome the multi-repository search on scientific data.

The senior scientist who is also the head of the bioinformatics platform express her need as followed:

“I would like to spend less time retrieving and visualizing information from our multiple siloed repositories.I want to be sure that I do not miss any essential data. I need to search on terabytes of data, both documents and scientific data”.


  • Design, build and initial data loading in Inquiro performed in 2 month
  • 4 data sources were connected (filesystem, ELN, internal repositories)
  • 3 public ontologies (Genomes, Human Disease, Organism) and 2 private dictionaries (project codes and bacterial strains) were used for the automatic annotation process


Inquiro interface recognized as an easy to use interface and received 4 stars during the evaluation

Search capabilities (filtering, advanced search) and  Document access management  recognized as a key adoption triggers

360 degree view of the data across multiple silos and data organizations, make searches 5 to 10 times faster

Access rights are managed at the document level

Unexpected outcome: discrepancy of internal dictionaries managed through inquiro synonyms management capabilities

Client Testimonial

Inquiro is able to retrieve data from different sources, enrich annotation and allow visualization on predefined facets combination.

Senior scientist – head of the bioinformatics platform