Dexstr provides a large brand of connectors allowing Inquiro to index data from their source without duplicating it. Seamlessly, each connector synch data in Inquiro. The synchronization period is defined with the business depending on the needs. Inquiro allows you to handle huge amounts of data in a highly secure environment.


Scalable : adapts to extremely large volumes of data

Manages hundreds of gigabytes

Easy access to heterogeneous data sources and data formats

Secured data indexation 

Improve your data processing

Inquiro Available Connectors  

  • File systems connector
  • CMIS: ability to connect to each system using CMIS protocol like Documentum, Atlassian, Alfresco, Opentext…
  • Electronic Lab Notebook like E-WorkBook
  • External databases like NCBI Genomic, PubMed, Espacenet….
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Google Drive
  • Database connectors like Oracle, MongoDB…

The connector list is in constant evolution. Please contact us if you don’t find the connector to your system.