Data Discovery

80% of data is not used in the company. Our Data Discovery service offer is aimed at companies that want to add value to their data.


Facing a huge amount of data, it’s really difficult to navigate and take benefit of the value of this data. This is particularly true when this data is coming from various origins you are not familiar with:

  • data coming from merger & acquisition
  • data needed in the frame of Licencing IN or OUT of a product
  • data coming from legacy systems

At that stage, the objective is to give the user a way to:

  • make a cartography of the data he is facing to
  • explore what this data is talking about
  • provide a faster access to the information of interest

In order to give to the customer an overall view of the data he wants to explore, DEXSTR will proceed as follow:

  • Indexation of the dataset in Inquiro
  • Statistical & Technical Analysis of the documents. The aim of this step is to provide to the customer the characteristics of the data he is dealing with (Size distribution, Type distribution, File attributes completeness, existing hierarchical structure, Metadata availability, duplicated data…)
  • Metadata extraction : Inquiro comes with the ability to analyze the content of files loaded and identify their purpose / topic. This process will propose metadata that can be then validated. The algorithms used may need to be tuned to offer better results
  • Use the Inquiro interface to explore, reorganize on the fly the data based on metadata. At this stage, the user can also use the Inquiro’s graphical capabilities to put in evidence some links existing between the data

At the end of the process DEXSTR deliver a report that provide the overall results from the study:

  • Logistic scan results
  • Metadata scan results
  • Entities of interest
  • Follow up & recommendations

In order to allow the user to access the data, the Inquiro solution is more widely open, so that everyone in the company can access the data and thereby gain valuable insights from complex data.