Augmented data in laboratory

Do you speak the same languaga as your laboratory? The “AUGMENTED DATA”

Your laboratory has more and more devices, robots and thus data generated in many formats.

Without a common language business can not be concluded.” – Confucius

It is a time-consuming gymnastics to federate this information and the time spent doing it is not invested in the heart of the laboratory: its experts.

It seems more and more necessary to find a common language to facilitate exchanges and therefore decision-making. With the advent of electronic laboratory notebooks and other LIMS, a first step has been taken, structuring the results of the experiments.

But in an always more active world, the variability of work is inevitably growing and quickly we come to problems, or rather solutions, of “big data” type. Capture all the knowledge generated by the laboratory.


The underlying idea is, first of all, to homogenize all these heterogeneous data.

Like Anacrim, used by many french intelligence services, which can solve or restart complex criminal investigations or unresolved affair.

The software can recognize, in survey data, the notions of places, people or events to create relations between all these entries and to give new leads to the investigators.

At Dexstr, and this for more than 4 years, we provide you this software. A tool that will enhance your scientific data. And thus, to highlight certain correlations, to improve the search both in terms of relevance of the information and in the speed to access it. This is crucial at every step in the life cycle of a lab activity.

We can now consider that each robot, each experience on a device, “pushes” automatically its results in the same software, which will be responsible for enriching it, using metadata.

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Then, when the experiment(s) conducted in the lab are completed, they could be simply and efficiently accessed from the offices through a controlled and commun vocabulary.

Sharing is at the center of our modern societies, it’s a form of enhancement. The data, when we share it, is not divided, on the opposite, it’s multiplicated. It is necessary to be able to benefit from your own previous work, but also from your collaborator’s, in order to not to reinvent the wheel, or not to have to keep in memory the analysis already made on the molecule of serotonin 2 years ago, in an Excel file on the usb key that is in the blouse left to the laundry.


With this Insight Engine capability, our customers have seen a dramatic improvement in data search within their organization. Thus, for a R & D department of a large pharmaceutical group, the use of Inquiro has reduced their search time by 15.

According to research department users’ feedback, our insight engine allowed them to find information in 10 minutes against several hours without our solution.

This represents a gain of several hundred hours for this laboratory, considering that 3 to 5 hundred such searches are performed each year.

Free up memory and time to focus only on what algorithms or softwares can not do: your reasoning. Inquiro provides you more elements to reason, or to resonate the data itself, through many representations.

“Be a dwarf, on the shoulders of giants” – Bernard de Chartres

If you have the need to go faster and further in the exploitation of your laboratory data, do not hesitate to contact us, expert in heterogeneous environments, we will be able to consider together, in what Inquiro can be the solution.