How to follow your data

How to follow your data using Dashboard in Inquiro?

INQUIRO Tricks & Tips #2

Second publication in our new section INQUIRO Tricks & Tips. This section shows with short videos how to use certain functions in INQUIRO: very useful in everyday life.  

Today for the second video in the section: how to track your data of interest using dashboards in INQUIRO. An ergonomic approach with a dashboard and dashlets allows users to follow the evolution of their data. Users can configure each dashlet in a straightforward way.

For example, do you want to follow the ongoing clinical trials on covid19 vaccines? Watch the video below and try out our dashboards on our open access Inquiro-covid19 platform.

If you want more Tricks & Tips on INQUIRO do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it with an INQUIRO specialist.

See you soon in this new section INQUIRO Tricks & Tips