Inquiro, the search engine developed by Dexstr

For what and for who?

Inquiro is an Enterprise Search Engine, providing an easy way for scientists, project leads and department heads to find relevant information searching across all their documents. It centralizes & enriches all your information, irrespective of format or source.

simple and ergonomic 

The new interface of Inquiro facilitates your documentary research and data exploitation.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and personal support, the learning time is short and your investigations are optimized.

Inquiro - Homepage
Inquiro - Dashboard

Follow your data

Managers and scientists, keep informed in one click!

Create your dashboard and access to a holistic view of your data easily!

Look for information

You can search information by key words and results are suggested according to their relevance.

Your research is quick and effective !

Inquiro - Search result
Inquiro - File display

Annotate your data

Inquiro is able to characterize your files by automatic or manual attribution of metadata based on use of public or private ontologies.

Thanks to continue learning process based on Machine Learning algorithms, Inquiro suggests annotations more and more relevant.

Go further with ontologies

From research results, navigate through ontologies linked to the term of interest.

Establish links between ontologies from your research.

Inquiro - Ontology
Inquiro - Heatmap

Reveal all the potential of your data

Inquiro put though your data of interest and proposes graphic visualisations showing all links between data.

Powerful search with chemical module

Inquiro chemistry module add chemical search capabilities (structural search) and molecule recognition.

Inquiro - Chemistry