Integration process

To make the most of the knowledge acquired, to extract all its richness, it is important not to get used to it too quickly, to leave yourself time for surprise and amazement.

(Hubert Reeves)

Inquiro is a subscription-based Insight Engine. The subscription cost includes associated maintenance.

Under subscription, customers have access to the latest version of Inquiro.

To adapt our system to your ways of working, Inquiro can be deployed on premise or on Cloud (Private or public).

Whatever the chosen deployment strategy, the way Inquiro is implemented takes into account the 3 following steps


Service Integration Process

1. You identify your needs

Over a couple of meetings, you identify with us the data sources of interest as well the dictionaries and ontologies valuable for your use case.


Service Integration Process

2. We set up the environment for you

Once Inquiro is installed and configured we proceed to some fine-tuning according to your tests and own adjustments.


Service Integration Process

3. It’s your turn to play

In 4 to 6 weeks after the first meeting you use the system and stat to unleach the power of your data.

Our methodology is based on the 3 steps above.

Our expertise is there to serve you, particularly for the identification and implementation of your business referentials. These referentials are important to contextualize your data. Particular attention must be paid to the choice and quality of these references.

At the end of the journey, you can explore your data within Inquiro.

Faster insights… Faster solutions… Faster results.

Dexstr support team gives you access to a comprehensive support experience that includes regular Inquiro software enhancements and technical assistance on demand.

Dexstr provides continous improvement and innovation to keep your organization running & up do date.

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