Inquiro 5.0

New Release Inquiro 5.0 is now available!

The new version of Inquiro integrates major developments by proposing the question/answering also known as Q&A. This marks a new turning point for DEXSTR. 

The principle :

  • ask a question in natural language (your language)
  • Inquiro gives you an answer with match probability in a new tab

Example of question : Where did covid-19 appear first?

For sure, you can continue to search for terms by typing only words and obtain a list of documents of interest..

The other major development is the multi-language capability to automatically detect and tag each file. Inquiro is now able to translate your search to find informations from files in different languages.

Other developments in Inquiro 5.0:

  • Highlight on text (txt, csv, html, …) and office files (docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Completion for metadata in advanced search
  • Optimization of PDF extraction
  • New page for synonyms administration
  • …. see our release note

Test our new release 5.0, on our test platform relating to covid-19 and connect with user guest/guest.