Webinaire Dexstr - Ritme
Moteur de recherche et Intelligence Artificielle Révélez tout le potentiel de vos informations scientifiques ! Webinaire […]
Inquiro 5.0
New Release Inquiro 5.0 is now available! The new version of Inquiro integrates major developments by […]
Using Google Drive API with Java
Using Google Drive API V3 with a Java application You need to retrieve your Google Drive […]
Data Governance
Data governance While organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of data, they collect, process, use […]
Q&A or how to obtain an answer to my question using AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) is […]
Inquiro version 5.0 RC1
New release Inquiro 5.0 RC1 : Ask your question and get the Answer! Until now, in […]
Dexstr new website
Dexstr new website! Dexstr is pleased to present its new website. New look, new use cases, […]
Webinar PLA
ACADEMY Webinar PLA – How to easily find and access your documents anywhere, anytime? Couldn’t attend […]
Why a search engine
3 questions to ask yourself before investing in an enterprise scientific search engine Everyone knows about […]
Why using search engine
5 reasons to use a scientific search engine A scientific search engine is a document retrieval […]